Conic Hill

Conic Hill: A Mossy Marvel Overlooking Loch Lomond

Situated in the picturesque village of Balmaha, Scotland, Conic Hill (derived from the Gaelic word "còinneach," meaning moss) is a prominent and captivating summit that beckons to adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. Standing at 361 meters (1,184 feet), this sharp little peak rises along the Highland Boundary Fault, offering breathtaking views over the iconic Loch Lomond and the surrounding landscapes.

Although the true summit was once marked by a tiny cairn, visitors today will find a scattering of stones that serve as a reminder of the hill's majesty. Many choose to pause and savour the views from the sub-summit at 358 meters (1,175 feet), which offers an equally impressive vantage point.

From the top, the views are truly stunning. On a clear day, it's possible to spot Goat Fell on the Isle of Arran, a remarkable 50 miles (80 kilometers) away, as well as the distinctive silhouette of Ailsa Craig in the Clyde Estuary. The stunning scenery, coupled with the fresh mountain air, makes for an unforgettable experience.

Accessing Conic Hill is a delight for outdoor enthusiasts. It forms part of the iconic West Highland Way, making it a popular destination for hikers and nature lovers alike. During the lambing season, typically lasting for around three weeks at the end of April and early May, visitors are requested to avoid the two enclosed fields on the east approach to Conic Hill, even if accompanied by leashed dogs. However, this restriction does not apply to the Balmaha direction, ensuring uninterrupted access for all.

For those seeking a convenient starting point, Conic Hill is easily accessible by public transport, with buses and ferries arriving in Balmaha. Alternatively, a car park at the base of the hill provides a convenient option for those traveling by vehicle.

In August 2013, Conic Hill played host to an inspiring group of eight members from Deafblind Scotland, who ascended the hill with the assistance of rangers and guides, demonstrating the hill's universal appeal and accessibility.

With its rich history, stunning vistas, and accessible trails, Conic Hill is a true gem in the Scottish Highlands, offering a mossy marvel that captivates the senses and ignites the spirit of adventure in all who venture to its summit.

About Conic Hill

Grid reference NS432924
Height in metres 361 metres
Height in feet 1184 feet
Latitude 56.098586
Longitude -4.521076
Country Scotland
County Stirling
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